launches a new collaborative B2B sales software and raises a pre-seed round., a B2B SaaS startup developing digital sales rooms* and customer collaboration platforms, announces its official launch and a successful pre-seed fundraising round of €1 million.

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Transforming B2B Sales and Collaboration in a Growing Market

In recent years, the B2B sales landscape has experienced significant changes.

Information is scattered, and decision-making processes have become increasingly complex with more stakeholders involved**. As businesses adapt to a remote world, the need for effective collaboration and communication tools becomes ever more critical.

According to Gartner, by 2025, 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels. Gartner goes on to say that 77% of B2B customers say their last purchase was complex or difficult***. aims to bridge this gap by providing a platform that enables B2B revenue teams to deliver an engaging buyer/customer experience.

An inspiration born at Aircall

For nearly three years, Dan & Robin (co-founders) have been working in Aircall's sales team focused on developing the company's mid-market offerings.

With the help of Jonathan Anguelov (Aircall Co-founder), Dan & Robin launched a POC with their prospects to try to simplify the buying experience and engage their prospects.

A few quarters later and with convincing results, Robin and Dan teamed up with Leonard (Co-founder and CTO) and left Aircall (August 2022) to found (previously - ex beta project name).

"At Aircall, the sales culture has always been very strong. We were continually challenged to serve the best sales experience and look for new things to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. But in just a few months, the revolution was so strong in buyer relations, that we had to adapt our way of selling”

Dan Elkaïm, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of

“A new generation of former Aircall employees is launching a lot of new projects (, Siit, Jurnee, Praiz..), it’s very exciting! I called them the Aircall Mafia (in reference to the Paypal mafia)! They help each other, share offices and try to recreate the culture and exigency which made the success of Aircall!”

Jonathan Anguelov, Co-founder of Aircall.

Introducing The Next-Generation Sales Platform

Topo is designed to improve the transparency of the sales process, enhance the buyer's experience, shorten the sales cycle, and increase the conversion rate. Key features include:

  • Centralizing resources, contacts, and documents in a single workspace.
  • Streamlining communication and collaboration between sales teams and prospects.
  • Enhancing the buyer's experience and fostering better engagement.

With, sales teams can now deliver a more personalized and efficient sales process, standing out from competitors and making their sales cycle repeatable.

€1 Million Pre-Seed Funding to launch a product with B2B GTM experts has raised €1 million in pre-seed funding to build its founding team, launch the product on the market, and address the pain points identified in the B2B sales process.

The funding round includes participation from Kima Ventures, BPI France, Snaw Ventures, and an impressive lineup of angel investors, including top founders and executives from B2B SaaS companies (Contentsquare, Lattice, Spendesk, Pennylane, Didomi, Modjo…).

"The purpose of this fundraising was obviously to finance the development of our product in order to bring it to market quickly, but also to gather a maximum of B2B go-to-market experts to join the project and bring their vision of the future of sales” adds Dan. Now Live and Ready to Transform B2B Sales has spent the last six months developing its product in private beta, working closely with some of the best B2B SaaS revenue teams. The platform is now live, and companies looking to reduce their sales cycle duration and increase their win rates can start using today.

Switch to modern selling by offering a buyer centric experience.

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