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Lost in a maze of scattered resources, never-ending sales cycles, and missed opportunities?

Topo enables sales teams to move forward with buyers by centralizing stakeholders, resources, and deals—all in one place.

Integrated with your favorite sales and engagement tools.

Always keep track of prospects' activity and engagement by connecting Topo with your CRM and other business tools saving you time with follow-ups and reporting.
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You are losing your prospects in endless email threads?

Try our Digital Sales Room!

Centralize the full buyer journey in one place.

Share documents, proposals, demo recordings... in one single space, tailored to your buyer.
Give your champion the power to sell you internally from Discovery to Onboarding!

Get everyone on the same page using Mutual Action Plans.

Involves all the stakeholders on the buyer's side to give them the power to make a quick decision.
Wow your buyer with a premium experience that stands out from your competitors.

Track your prospect's engagement and spend time on the deals that matter!

Track the activity of your contacts in relation to this deal (comment, views, shares...).
Enhance the off moments by offering a more self-service experience.

Empower your teams to follow the sales process perfectly!

Make your playbook alive and actionable!

Identifies and replicates the best practices of top performers and share them with the team.
Reduce the time to first deal by providing your Reps with templates already adapted to your sales cycle.

Standardize the way your team sells, with templates!

Create a library of up-to-date content that can be used live (customer stories, decks, business cases, etc.)
Track the content that performs best and ensure good alignment between Sales and Marketing.

Keep an eye on your team's deals live...

Get key insights on the progress of your team's deals and refine your forecast.
Coach your team efficiently based on more than just their calls.

Onboard faster, boost adoption and manage expansion...
In a tailored customer portal!

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Let your CSAT and NPS go crazy by being more customer centric.

Manage your QBR in a structured way and share key objectives with your clients.
Share product metrics, roadmap, tutorials... in one single place!

Enhance internal alignement and handovers.

Gather all the information shared during the sales cycle to ensure proper onbarding.
Ensures continuous alignment with other teams on an account.

Onboard your customers faster using Mutual Actions plans.

Create a knowledge base to make self-service onboarding easier.
Assign tasks to your clients to make them accountable.


Close deals
& onboard clients much faster!

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What our customers say

Customer Collaboration at its best

“Every stakeholder, every resource, and every next step are centralized in one link. With everything available at a glance, my efficiency has seen a significant boost.”

Marouan M.
Account Manager, Mid-Market
Jul 19, 2023

Align, engage, convert

“Sales cycles have never been more efficient. I've experienced a considerable reduction in unnecessary back-and-forths."

Jean-Baptiste P.
Jul 19, 2023

A must-have for Account Executives

“Topo’s pretty much put an end to that game of sending and losing documents in endless email threads.”

Camille B.
Account Executive, Small-Business
May 22, 2023

Sales excellence made simple

“Topo addresses the challenge of getting buyers to engage with emails and to be accountable for the next steps of the post-demo process. It has streamlined our sales approach and buyer engagement.”

Julia D.
Sep 12, 2023

Closing deals with confidence

“Topo made our deal-closing rate notably increase. We close deals faster, but we also gain better visibility into our prospect's engagement post-demo. For all of our revenue teams, Topo has proven to be essential.”

Camille A.
Sep 11, 2023

Strategize, Execute, Win

“Best sales tool to stand out from the competition in our post-demo process. The Salesforce integration is great and easy to set up. I highly recommend Topo.”

Théa F.
Aug 23, 2023

Get ahead of the competition

“There’s always a wow effect when I share the room with prospects. It fosters a more tailored interaction with them. It has helped me to make my sales cycle more efficient and handle multiple prospects effectively. It has clearly had an impact on the length of my sales cycles, everything runs more smoothly.”

Guillermo A.
Jul 21, 2023

Boosting win rates like never before

“We’ve seen our win rates climb and our deals close quicker. It’s the tool that’s brought a real change.”

Chalom M.
CEO, Small-Business
Jun 16, 2023

Easily monitor buyer engagement

“Topo is one of the best sales software available in the market. We lacked a dedicated workspace for collaborating with prospects, building mutual action plans, and strategizing the next steps. Topo resolves this issue, offering an excellent user experience that's simple to use (for us and for our prospects).”

Sacha A.
Head of Operations, Mid-Market
Aug 08, 2023

Best sales tools for AEs

“Track buyer engagement with analytics, and streamline the buying experience. Easier to reach stakeholders whom I don't have direct access to.”

Romane R.
Aug 31, 2023

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