Key trends and future of Virtual Selling: "Sell the way your future buyer wants to buy"

Major trends in virtual selling by Gartner - How digital sales rooms can meet the challenges of remote selling to improve the B2B buying experience. Uses and benefits of Digital Sales Rooms: Enhanced Collaboration with the buyer, Personalized the buying experience, selling at scale and boost buyer engagement.

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"Sell the way your future buyer wants to buy"

Gartner has recently published a report on virtual selling and customer experience.

Their key statements

- Buyers increasingly want a seller-free experience.

- When buyers needs assistance, he need a means to collaborate digitally during the process.

- Sellers need to be able to understand and track buyer engagement through the process.

- By 2025, 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels.

They recognize #DigitalSalesRooms (DSRs) as one of the best ways of dealing with these challenges, and lists the uses and benefits of DSRs:

Enhanced Collaboration

Keep all buyer and seller communication in one location, making it easy to track and analyze buyer engagement throughout the sale cycle.

Personalized Experiences

Customize experiences for buyers, allowing them to choose between seller assistance or a fully digital approach.

Selling at scale

Deliver tailored experiences to multiple buyers without requiring extensive resources or management.

Boost Engagement

Facilitate idea exchange and comments across channels, supporting multiple stakeholders within the buying group and providing transparency and visibility.

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