Create a hub on a deal and make it easy for your buyer to say "yes"!

Build a fully customized space to wow your prospect

  • Highlight important resources and next steps at each moment of the deal to create a unique space.
  • Build the room in the image of your brand and your prospect (logo, cover, introduction video…).
  • Use the room as a follow-up tool at the end of each meeting and impress your prospect with your professionalism.

Embeds all types of content to push the right information at the right time

  • Videos: Add short videos of product presentations, customer stories or recordings of meetings with tools like Gong or Modjo.
  • Documents: add product decks, services, technical and security documentation from Google Slide, docs or Pitch.
  • Add your quotes, avoid going back and forth on the different versions and get signed quickly.

Get everyone aligned on the same page is therefore a space to bring together:

  • The stakeholders on both sides
  • Details and engaging nextsteps
  • Useful resources for decision making or onboarding (videos, product docs, proposals...)

They choose

Sales cycles are now simpler, more collaborative, our customers like that we are transparent and that they can live a more self-service buying experience.
Sales Manager @ Aircall
The use of has been transformative in the way we sell!
We have already won strategic deals where our prospects have told us that the Topo experience was a significant factor in their decision.
It's a no brainer!
Sales Director @ Wizville
We have been using for the past few months in our deals.
It has made our sales process more repeatable and creates a wow effect with our prospects.
It is a game changer in our sales process!
Co-founder & CEO @ Modjo

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